Looftlighter [Looft] $79.95 

The Looftlighter is an electric fire starter that is more like a blow dryer on steroids.  It contains an electric coil and blows air through the cylinder at a very high rate.  Charcoal can be lit in as little as 60 seconds by simply touching the end to the charcoal for 20-30 seconds and backing it away slightly as sparks appear.  It can also be used to start wood fireplaces by using the same method on kindling or newspaper.

  • Igniting fires and BBQs takes just a few seconds.  When barbequing you can even use the Looftlighter to speed up the heating process of your coals so that your BBQ is ready for cooking in just a few minutes.  No longer do you have to wait 20 minutes at peak hunger time.
  • The patented hot airstream process eliminates the chemical taste that infuses food on BBQs lit using lighter fluid and gas.  BBQ chefs are now achieving the clean taste of their grilling and smoking recipes.
  • The Looftlighter does not throw flames, but instead blows a hot airstream at 1,256 degrees Fahrenheit.  It will swich off immediately when the user releases the On button, and is equipped with a safety casing that cools to the touch within a few seconds after each use.
  • Simply plug the Looftlighter into a wall socket, and touch the nose of the lighter to your wood or coals.  In about 15 seconds sparks will appear.  At this point, withdraw the Looftlighter by 3-6 inches, and continue heating the same spot.  Before you know it, you will have a roaring fire.
  • Dimensions:  19" (L) x 2.25" (W) x 3" (D).








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