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Envirofire - Direct Vent EG28FD

The EG28 has a balance of scale and a refinement of style that sets it apart from other gas heating appliances.  Solidly built and conveniently designed to occupy a small footprint, it can fit any room size and with a specially adapted valve that allows a 50% heat turn down, your EG28 can stay on longer at a lower setting - resulting in very efficient heating.  The EG28 provides 26,500 BTU's and the combination of one of our best heat exchangers and a 120 CFM variable speed fan efficiently removes the heat from the fire and distributes it into your home.  Available in Natural or Propane Gas, Unit is also available in a B-Vent Model.  Please call the store for more info and pricing.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 September, 2009.
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