Thelin - Gnome Pellet Stove [TGPI] Call for Price! 
Thelin - Gnome Pellet Stove

Standing only 34 inches tall and being 17.5 inches in diameter, the little Gnome can go where no pellet heater has gone before.  A simple through the wall pipe and 5 foot vertical run makes installation simple and economical.  A vertical run through an existing chimney is also possible.  The Gnome comes equipped with battery back-up technology which allows for 15-18 hours run time on a small 30 amp battery.  While the battery is optional the circuitry is built into every stove.  Wall thermostat capabilities are also available and this option will automatically regulate the burn cycle from high to low setting depending upon heating needs.  Available in enamel and painted colors.  Heats appoximately 500 to 1000 sq. ft.

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